Wednesday, May 28, 2014

About My Attempt With My Book

Well, I am not sure this will work out but I am hoping it is an inspiration…or kick in the rear…for me to keep working on my book.  I am terrified of people reading it but I want to get it written and I am hoping this will work!

The book is a story of a woman and her life.  A simple idea but when has life ever been simple?  In fiction…the simple is always complex.  In fiction, your imagination can go anywhere and your character can be anything.  My main character's life is one of adventure, strain, love, loss, danger and survival.  It is her remembrance entrusted into the hands of a reporter.

I have no title right now.  I am hoping it will come to me as I write.

I am just throwing things on the page right now.  So there will be corrections and rewriting as I go.  But I need a push to get started on this again.  Hopefully it becomes something:)  Hopefully people like it.  And hopefully I grow a thicker skin when it comes to my writing because at the moment it is almost translucent!

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